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Espadrilles shoes that will take your styling game up several notches.

Even if the espadrilles shoe has never left your shoe rotation or you’re just looking to freshen this revived trend, you’ve come to the right place: Silvia Cobos.

Walking around the city, going for a day in the park, going to the beach, on a date or just meeting your girls for lunch, are the best excuses to take your style to new heights. While cute sandals are also an option, nothing is more aesthetically pleasing than our platforms.

Our handmade Espadrilles shoe platform heels go with any mini dress, or with a cute pair of jeans for a more casual take. And fortunately, fashion isn’t asking us to distance ourselves from our comfort zone, Silvia Cobos' platform sandals for women, pair well with many styles and are comfortable enough to get a lot of wear in.

Elevated replicas of classic styles we already love that allow room for infinite and trendy possibilities. Are you ready to join us and step your shoe game up a notch? Shop the perfect finale for any outfit.


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