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Wanna be up to date with Silvia Cobos' new arrivals? This is the place for you! All the latest releases for the women on the go, so you won’t miss the essentials in hand-crafted footwear.

We understand the essence and style you wish to highlight and for that reason, we show you here all the new products that should never be missing from your wardrobe. We want you to keep showing the world how fashionable and chic you are by wearing our Silvia Cobos' new arrivals.

Be the first to shop Silvia Cobos' new arrivals, and stand out with the distinctive handcrafted style.

Silvia Cobos' Podcast

Silvia Cobos podcast aims to bring you enriching and inspiring
conversations with designers, entrepreneurs, leaders,
activists and newcomers who share their powerful stories
with our audience all over the world.


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