For the Love of shoes and other demands

  • by Elmer Z 2B
For the Love of shoes and other demands

So here we go on writing the very first blog post for THE VIDA LEATHER WAY.. it took me a while to decide what I was going to write about.. Im not a writer, Im not a blogger (yet) however I am a young mother, wife and full time office worker in search of following my passion to finally do what I love.. This is a journey that I hope you can walk with me, a journey that I’ve been long wanting to explore, however fears, laziness and overall excuses that often make us feel comfortable at continuing doing what we already do, put me in a somewhat “safe” place, not understanding that what it really made me feel was more and more uncomfortable at knowing that deep inside, the pile of dust under the rug would eventually show off.. so I finally decided to embark in the adventure.. at first I didn't really use the vaccum to get rid of the fears once and for all. (what good would be a life without fears to overcome?). however I did start with a duster (by the way it is OK to take baby steps) and decided to go on with the adventure to create a shoe brand.. with several shoe brands out there many would think I was crazy. (who cares, I'm the impulsive kind that goes after what fires me). what people might not understand is that every big brand was once a dream (cliche but true) and i dream of telling my story one day to many, to a few, or at least to someone who could feel inspired not to only follow their dream, but to work hard, to persist, to investigate, to find the right partners, to make mistakes, but most importantly to never loose sight of the goal while holding tight to that feeling you felt when you started. (not as easy as it sounds let me tell you!!).

This journey is now 3 years old and we have so so so much to go in the business but we have gained so so so much knowledge, energy, desire, and whats more, the passion keeps growing inside, is like that "dying in heaven" feeling you felt at your first dates but here is the good news… IT DOESN'T GO AWAY!. being an entrepreneur is like falling in love everyday (and you know that falling in love is not all butterflies and bubbles).. it is also a job full of challenges but challenges that are YOUR challenges, worries that are YOUR worries, rewards that are YOUR rewards.. sacrificing family time to build QUALITY TIME…. (ahhh sight!…) but lets stop with the novelist whining for now and lets get on to business.. I wish I could do a rise of hands with all of you out there reading this, to know how many feel overwhelmed with everyday activities? our jobs, families, groceries, dinner, baths, home-works, school projects, spending time with our partners, spending time with our kids/pets/friends (I can actually think of a friend now who would not raise her hand LOL) .. how often do you stop to put every day activities in perspective and slow the pace to enjoy the ride? Since Im the only one here now, let me tell you that I am raising my hand! Thats why I created VIDALeather, a brand designed to help me and other women walk our ways in comfort and freely without loosing our style and essence.. without feeling less chic or stylish, in the contrary being all the “wonder women” things we want to be in Super powerful and quality shoes!! so here you go!!! try some leather heaven and continue to follow to see where this takes us… this is the first of many posts I intent to share with you, posts that will involve my stories, my friends stories, your stories if you want to share (contact me) … help me build this space by interacting, asking questions for which I promise I wont have all the answers… but we can at least try… one thing I’ve learned about social media and networks is that they are therapeutic if you learn to join the ones that make you a better person .. we hope to become that place for many!!! this is a humble try if it doesn't help you at least im sure writing is helping me feel connected with myself!

Thank you for reading!!!!



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