My commitment to YOU and ME in 2023

  • by Silvia Cobos
My commitment to YOU and ME in 2023

The beginning of a new year represents an opportunity not only to dream of new experiences but also to reset our commitments.

Oftentimes we commit to a goal however the minute we loose rythm and discipline it becomes easy to loose Motivation and keep going. Sound familiar?
(Let’s say You start a healthy eating habit, and one day you fall into temptation, then it becomes easier to just give up than to keep the commitment)

Why? Maybe is because we want to achieve an ideal that is not really ours, or maybe that goal is not framed within what motivates us. Think about that!

Lets look at this new year as the year of opportunity to commit to finding our DHARMA.

DHARMA: To live our Passion through Value creation and service.

Today I Invite you to identify those activities in which your heart beats faster and put a smile on your face inspite of the sacrifice, analyze and think if its something you can put to the service of others, I will share my own example: Planning my kids Birthday requires less hours of sleep, planning, organizing, save more money, besides putting extra time aside of my work schedule and family time, since it is a surprise!

However I have detected that I do it with excitement and expectation, that I LOVE to plan every detail, and make everything an experience not only for my kids but also for our guests, I have Identified that “Leading Projects that surprise” its my Passion and that I can now put that passion to the service of my community! Voilá! I have found my DHARMA ❤️. Now my duty is to work daily on including actions that create value!

In 2023 my commitment to you and ME is to work daily on my DHARMA, to put actions behind my Passion that offer you more value while being true to my purpose which in turns fills my heart with true Joy!

With Love!



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