Top 5 five date ideas to celebrate San Valentine's Day

  • by Silvia Cobos
Top 5 five date ideas to celebrate San Valentine's Day

Visual Board

When it comes to goal setting in life, there’s one thing that it’s always present and that is manifestation. We use it consciously or unconsciously in our daily life and our social relations are no exception. That’s why a visual board could be an ideal gift if you wish to hand out an that is meaningful and nourish your relationship since it will picture the goals you wish to accomplish with your partner.


Recreate your first date

Regardless of the fact that you’ve been dating for 2 months or 2 years, the first date always has a special detail to it, maybe was the song or the outfit you use that day, in any case, there’s always a memorable moment you shared on that day. Therefore, it could be an Idea you should consider and will definitely bring some laughter and a joyful evening as well.


 Box of Favorite things

Fill a box with their favorite things, it could be from Little sweet, an album, or even something hand-crafted by yourself. Every Little detail that you add to the package will definitely stand out and recall most of their favorite moments.


Zoom Date (Long distance relationship)

The best way you could make up for a long-distance relationship it’s a creative yet meaningful call. Where you are able to set the background and add a funny plus to the call, maybe it’s a date at the beach, cabbing in the Woods you name it. There are endless options you could use to set everything up for the perfect date.


Plan a trip together

In case you really wish to do an ideal emotional check and totally unplug from the day-to-day routine, a trip will always be the Go to option, just set the date, location, and Budget that you feel comfortable with. It doesn’t have to be a fancy place the highlight of this idea is to find a location that can set the mood and also create those memories we always love to recall.


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