Women On The Go Month

  • by Silvia Cobos
Women On The Go Month


In this month where The International Women's Day is celebrated, I want to talk to you about Femininity, a concept that after so many years of fighting in search of gender equality and development opportunities for women, has been distorted by factors such as the misinterpretation of messages in campaigns or because of social paradigms that distort the purpose of feminism and exert pressure towards the forced search for an advantageous position, almost defending what is ours by natural balance, thus, from my perspective, making it lose the natural and biological identity of being a woman.

In this month of celebration, I highlight and exalt the path of feminism since it has made great achievements for the development of society, from the first demonstration for the right to vote in 1848 to the present day, where women can become presidents, thus consolidating the achievement of equity and opportunities regardless of gender. However, like any social struggle that has a great impact worldwide, it tends to lend itself to misuse of the message. My invitation is to reflect on what really empowers us and not to victimize ourselves to prove a point, but rather to fight proactively and stoically, setting the example of what truly identifies us

Regarding this topic, I want to tell you more about our motto "Women on the GO" which for me represents a woman ready to face challenges and pursue dreams, sure of her potential, her value and her identity, without having to put aside her natural gifts and the beautiful essence that all women have as protectors, sensitive, delicate, thoughtful and loving, characteristics that allow the natural balance in homes and work environment.

Advocating for COMPLEMENTING ourselves as human beings and not seeking to WIN should be our priority. Just as it is for man, however, the first step to achieve this is to accept our differences and identify them as a tool that complements us, from what is ours by nature and highlight it instead of hiding it or even obviating it to achieve a place.


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