Home-based Business: How to be a woman entrepreneur

  • by Sofia Alvarez
Home-based Business: How to be a woman entrepreneur

Many of us find it difficult to remember there was a time when women did not hold important positions or could not pursue other goals beyond marrying and starting a family. Despite all the conquests of female entrepreneurs throughout history and paradigm changes, it is still a complicated task to achieve that longed balance between family, job, personal challenges and leisure time.

Undoubtedly, a family is a full-time job. Child rearing and home management never cease. Nevertheless, the mastery required is achieved through dedication and strategy.

We, as women, are aware of the ability we have to undertake personal projects that we are passionate about and become one of the few women entrepreneurs. We know the importance of training and growth, and even more, the ambition that moves us. Being independent is a motivation that complements the desire to provide for our family. That is the reason why both roles balance each other perfectly.

The influence that women can exert as leaders and entrepreneurs is largely based on the ability women have to exercise an inclusive and flexible leadership, to be multitasking, good administrators and to take assertiveness as a standard.

The possibility of carrying out work from home at flexible hours is an advantage that favors modern working moms, since running a house and the construction of other personal projects are not niggling.

how to be an entrepreneur

Another advantage is having an Internet connection and all its communication capabilities which opens the possibility of teleworking. We are out of excuses. Many opportunities to build interesting projects are not detrimental to our family dynamics.

Becoming Enterprising Women

We have the capacity, ambition and required tools to undertake any project. Creating your own brand, starting a business and becoming a women entrepreneur from home is possible with planning and strategic thinking.

One important thing is to know how to value what you do, not only out of necessity but also out of ambition. Nothing is more inspiring than doing something you know and that you are passionate about. If something defines us is the ability we have to adapt, create and innovate. I would dare to say that we don't know another way of living, it is in our nature.

For all these reasons, we are sure that as women entrepreneurs, the challenge of finding that coveted balance is purely intrinsic. Do not wait for the perfect moment, step up and take a chance.

Next, we give you some clues and tips to achieve the perfect balance between your most important project (family) and the achievement of work projects:

  1. Plan, Then You Exist

As in any area of life, the key to success sets its background on the ability we have to organize ourselves and draw a plan. If you are wondering how to become a businesswoman, we need to tell you something: Do not leave anything to improvisation. Keeping an agenda or planner can be the key to your success; it will also help you to set priorities and not to forget anything. Be clear about your goals and draw up a strategy list that will allow you to meet your daily goals.

  1. Start the day early and comfortable

It may seem obvious, but it is one of the most valuable things. Starting the day an hour earlier can make a big difference. Reviewing the plan, getting ahead on tasks or having the opportunity to work out before starting work will enable you to seize your day.

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how to be an entrepreneur

  1. The art of being multitasking and not die trying

Being multitasking is an art; it is not simply the ability to perform several activities in parallel, but to be effective in what you do in order to save time while achieving your goals.

Try to schedule the amount of time it will take you to achieve the tasks that you set for the day. You can alternate several tasks but always keep working on one at a time. If you are working from home for several hours, pull off operational tasks that do not require your complete attention for that period of time, so you can tackle your activities without neglecting other responsibilities at home.

  1. Accept help and delegate

Do not be afraid or ashamed to accept help. If your family or friends offer you support at home, embrace it with gratitude. Being an entrepreneur woman doesn't mean you have to do everything. Remember that getting home off the ground is also a team effort, in which your husband and children are essential partners. It will not only help you in your daily challenges but also everyone else to grow.

  1. Work wisely

Register everything you can. Technology exists to make life easier and to make business from home. Take advantage of the perks offered by mobile applications to organize processes such as payments, shipments or message replies.

  1. Disconnect - Reconnect

Take some time to disconnect and reconnect, it is healthy and necessary. Exercise, meet with friends, do an activity that relaxes you, get out of the routine and release some stress. We all need a break to refresh ideas and gather momentum. Disconnecting allows us to reach our goals even faster, to change our perspective and rekindle our resolutions.

  1. No guilt, no comparisons

Women usually give importance to the comments of external agents on how they balance work and family. We feel judged by not following a pattern that is still rooted in our society. Make sure to avoid this! Do not feel guilty, do not compare yourself. A businesswoman proves her ability to manage home, and at the same time, conquer professional challenges every day. One is not necessarily detrimental to the other.

Women Entrepreneurs, Absolute Inspiration

how to be an entrepreneur

Do not apologize for wanting to continue evolving and growing while you fulfill all your dreams. On the contrary, feel proud of practicing what you preach for your family and other women.

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